How to make round snowshoes

One starts by softening and attaching it and then starting to curve it gently. I know how others do it but me I start by softening and then I attach the wood. One always starts with the rear of the snowshoe frame (ushetui) after having softened it.  It must be supple on all sides to curve it so that it will not break.  After attaching it you can start to curve the front (ushkatuk) part of the snowshoe frame. This part is not difficult.  You thin the interior using a crooked knife (muhkutakan).  Me I do just one side that is to say the inside but one must not make the wood too thin.  When you see the wood starting to split you must change sides.  This type of snowshoe is not too complicated to make but those one must measure are more complicated because one must end up with two equal snowshoes.  One must not be bigger than the other.  These (round snowshoes) are less complicated because they are all attached.  Once they are attached you only have to nail them so that they do not move when you attach them.  It is easier to soften and curve them.