The nehlueun


The original language of the territory is called «shashish nehlueun», but today it has been specifically designated as nehlueun.

The policy of cultural affirmation of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh established as fact and demonstrated the importance of nehlueun for the nation.  Thus it is written: «our most important heritage remains the shashish nehlueun which is the major component of our specific culture. Our language is asleep and it is no longer spoken except by a tiny part of the nation.  Our responsibility is to increase the current level of mastery in order that our language is re-vitalised, valued and taught and its integrity is protected, thus favouring its spread.  We have stressed the integration of the French language into our daily life and put our mother tongue in peril.  The time has arrived to recognise nehlueun as a vehicle to live our culture fully and to perpetuate it. Language marks the sentiment of belonging to a nation and of faithfulness to a community.»