Activities and perspective

With tourism and forestry, we are more and more taking part in the exploitation of the resources, but not without improving our rhythm, values and vision of things.

Mr. Gordon Moar
Mr. Gordon Moar on the Mikuan II
Adventure site

For the Moar family who have spent a large part of their life on the territories bordering the Ashuapmushuan River, it was important to conserve the traditional values of the nation and to pass them on.  For them, development of tourism was a way to conserve these values and to transmit them to visitors, in such a way as to educate them to be able to see these things.  More recently, Mr. Gordon Moar, manager of this territory, became interested in the forestry area also.  Knowing the importance of preserving the culture, but also pre-occupied with the youth who had no work and with a society in need, Mr. Moar quickly understood that this advance in development and harmony, could lead to greater respect for the environment.  He assumed responsibility for watching over it.

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