Traditional nomadism

Video - Setting up campsite
Setting up campsite
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A strong dependence between nomad and territory is a fundamental characteristic of our people.  The Ilnuatsh practise a subsistence economy because of the abundance of the animal resources.  When a person speaks of «Us», they mean the person and the territory.  This ‘Us’ conditions the collective conscience, which means that the individuals «hold together» because they have common values and the rules reside in a social organisation like the family, clan, or tribe for example (Source: Vers l’établissement du Programme de formation des Pekuakamiulnuatsh, Services éducatifs, Conseil des Montagnais, 2006).

In the XVth century, we were one of the first nations to establish contact with the whalers and the European cod fishermen who came to fish on the Coast.