The snowman 

An Indian undertook a voyage in winter.  The weather was warm, the snow soft and half melted, and the Indian had trouble making any progress.  Walking was so difficult that he became more and more irritated as he moved forward.  Finally, he arrived close to a lake and saw that the ice was covered with water and he had to wade in that water.  He became completely soaked and, full of irritation, shouted: « Why does North-Man do that?  Why not give us a real winter? »

He finished by getting to the other bank of the lake and, as he proceeded, he saw an all white man who stayed a short distance away.  First, he did not recognise him, but in approaching he saw that it was Snowman.  The Indian had the air of strong displeasure and Snowman remarked on it.  When the hunter came close to him.  Snowman asked him: « What is it? »

And the hunter replied: « The weather is too warm and the snow is half melted.  North-Man is no use. »

Then Snowman told him: « I can do nothing for you at this time, but, at another time, I will try to help you. »

« Very good. » said the hunter.

Snowman disappeared and the hunter continued his voyage.

Then, spring time came and the weather warmed.  The lake ice melted.  Then the hunter reflecting, said to himself: « I ask myself what Snowman wanted to say when he promised to help me ».

He commenced hunting and conserved in bladders he fat of the animals that he killed.  He constructed a wigwam and cut much wood.  During all summer and autumn he collected wood and animal fat because he saw that the words of Snowman were without serious significance.

At the end of autumn, the cold came and the snow started to fall.  It snowed without stopping and snow covered the campsite and the hunter’s wigwam.  Winter became colder and colder and one day, Snowman arrived at the campsite.  The hunter was sitting near to the fire.  « What do you think of the weather I have made? », asked Snowman.

« It is perfect. » responded the hunter.

Then, Snowman stayed.  The cold increased and the snow continued to pile up.  The hunter always fed his fire with wood and put fat onto it so that it would give out still more heat.  From time to time, Snowman asked the hunter: « What do you think of the weather I have made? »
And the hunter always replied: « It is perfect. »

He had really had enough of winter but he never would admit it.  He put up with the cold very well since he had made ample provision of food, wood and fat.  He piled up his logs on the fire and it became hotter and hotter in the wigwam.

At the end, Snowman could not last any longer because he had started to melt.  And soon, he had to leave.  But before leaving, he said to the hunter « You are the strongest.  You have won, so I will leave. »

After he had left, the cold became less intense; winter was just what it should be, neither too warm nor too cold.  This made a good winter and since that time, we have not known a winter so severe.