Écouter le son Mot Innu Définition Française
Kapatakan Portage
Kassekaun Impassable rock sill in the current
Kuishkukameiau The river is straight for a long way
Makain White water, wave
Massekupiun This is a pond in a peat bog, a swamp
Mishishtikuau This is a great river which comes from far away
Natakam Edge of the water
Nipinakumu This is a place on the edge of the lake where the snow always melts , where the ice never forms
Nitatshun At the foot of the rapids , of the falls when you are ready
Nitatshutsh At the foot of the rapids, of the falls, when you tell about it or describe it
Pakuau The water is shallow
Upishu A spread of beautiful calm water