Myths and legends

For the Pekuakamiulnuatsh, myths and legends are an illustration of our beliefs.  Passed from generation to generation, very few of these beliefs and legends have survived to the 21st century, but some remain in the universal recollection of our people.

Speaking for example of the circle and its importance.  Everything was organised according to a circle comparable to that of the cycle of the seasons.  Mr. Clifford Moar, past chief of the community, wrote thus of the different directions: To the north: the air, the elders, winter (time for trapping).  To the west: the land, autumn and the adult (time for hunting large game).  To the south: water, summer, adolescence (fishing, gathering and meeting).  To the east: fire, spring, birth (time for hunting).  All of these ideas are grouped around sharing, community spirit, respect and solidarity.